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I have fallen a little behind on my June Culture Binge, but I plan to more than make it up. (I promise!)

In honor of Day 17, I attended Caribbean: Crossroads of the World at El Museo del Barrio with one of Culture Craver’s new summer associates, Felice Feit. The exhibit was created in conjunction with the Queens Museum of Art and the Studio Museum of Harlem

The exhibit starts about 200 years ago and goes to the present, but is not organized chronologically. It covers the history and cultures of the Caribbean — both from the Caribbean perspective and from the perspective of people traveling there from Europe and elsewhere over the years.

This show was well worth a visit, but it would have been smart to read the booklet beforehand, rather than after the fact. Not knowing anything about Caribbean art, I was drawn to certain paintings or video displays because of the colors, shapes, or sounds, but I would have liked more comprehensive explanations. Felice gets serious extra credit for being able to correctly tell me that the seemingly incongruous portrait of Alexander Hamilton was there because he was born on the British Island of Nevins and raised on the Danish island of St. Croix. But, I really felt that some “Extras” could have enhanced the experience. 

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